Friday, 3 September 2010

Absinthe fairie is finished at last!

So here it is, the finished frock! It's going to stay on the mannequin for a few days, and I'll still probably add a few finishing touches of bling and flowers and what not oh and change the back lace to a green ribbon - the blacks a bit harsh..

My lovely friend Denise covered me in glitter and took some pictures of me in the whole outfit.. (though not the huge frilly knickers cos i'm still sewing ribbon on those... and obviously not the wings because I get those next week when I see Herr Doktor at the asylum!)

Hopefully there will be some cool photos of the completed outfit being worn at the ball, so you'll be able to see the wings then.

Overall I'm really pleased, I did have a moment when I thought Oh No it's all got a bit pantomime fairy tinkerbell, but then I got over it.

Fairies SHOULD be pantomime tinkerbell, and it's best I get it out of my system before I hit 40 I feel.

The wings will add the steampunk element to the outfit and all the pieces work together great as seperates, so I can wear just the undies or leave off the crinoline and fluffy under gown to get different styles.

I still want to create some little green boots or spats with cut out leather pieces and loads of buckles, very victorian - but that will have to wait a while... A good winter project to make with assistance from my medieval Knight friend leslie, she's got some super green leather for us to play with.

So what do you think? I hope you've enjoyed following along with it's progress, any suggestions or comments gratefully recieved... and if you have any specific construction questions do ask! mmmm absinthe!


Flight Fancy said...

WOW, how utterly lovely and enchanting!

Sakara said...

utterly gorgeous. Hope to see many wonderful photos of completed costume!

FloRaeMe said...

Yes, beautiful. When does it make its debut?

Vande Historic Costuming said...

That is just so amazing and stunning! Beautiful work! Incredible!

Katt Gubb said...

Hey Jema this is so lovely! The wonderful little alternative cafe I go to now has a downstairs area with very similar green painted walls that put me in mind of your absinthe fairy project...I thought it might be a possibility for you to put an image up with business cards there, if Lucie the owner and you both like the idea. The people that frequent this cafe would love your work, which is why I thought it might be a good idea. I'm going to help at the Leicester Alcon anime convention next week. So excited!

Katt Gubb x

SparklyJem said...

Thank you everyone so much for your enthusiasm ;) It can be hard working in a little creative bubble sometimes, and your kind words always inspire me to do bigger, better, brighter and more!