Thursday, 29 December 2011

Opening of the Exhibition at Bradford industrial museum

Everything was finished and installed just in time for the opening! phew! There are some pictures from the opening on the exhibitions facebook page. If you get the chance do go and have a browse, it's a fascinating museum and the special steampunk display will be in place till May 2012.

You also get the chance to view a specially made 3D film using special steampunk style viewing goggles and starring Me!

Theres also some great pictures from the promo photoshoot here

Saturday, 3 December 2011

The back of the outfit for Bradford so far...

This shows the length of the skirt at the back over the cage. The mini cage is 6 sprung steel lengths, individually sprayed gold with car lacquer, taped together into hoops and suspended from two layers of brown petersham ribbon, sewn together to make holes for the hoops to slide through (they slide through before taping..)

The top hoop does not complete a full circle and it's ends are held by the two front tapes. This is so you can get in and out easily, the top hoop is quite small!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Bradford costume-the jacket

The wool is such a lovely firm fabric it made these puff sleeves a dream to create, they are made with 3 big pleats top and bottom, with the top center pleat being an inverted box pleat, and placed on a smaller straight sleeve stay to hold the shape.

Cute blouse for the exhibition!

This is the beginning of the little blouse for the exhibition costume. As it is going to be a permanent piece I shall sew it into place on the stand to give it a perfect fit, the skirt and jacket will be free to be removed...

Monday, 28 November 2011

Original sketch for museum costume

Clockwork costume for industrial museum

I've been asked to create a centerpiece for the new steampunk exhibition at Bradford industrial museum!

It's very exciting, not least because I am using a luscious wool fabric that was woven on the actual old looms at the museum.

I am going for a short cute costume with a teeny cage crinoline under the skirt. The wool is quite heavy so I've had to cut and drape it rather carefully, but it's fun to drape on the stand in the actual fabrics. Time restraints have vetoed making a toile. As it's a one off show piece I'm quite happy to work in this way for the skirt, though I shall be using patterns drafted for my me-shaped stand for the jacket etc....

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Gin Bustle out and about!

This lovely picture was taken by Martin "Soulstealer" as I arrived at the ball... He always manages to get a really lovely picture of me in my biggest frock!

This one shows the full dress, and Hubby Nik in his Union Jack waistcoat too! The hat really is rather huge isn't it, you can also really see herr Doktors wonderful key in these pictures too.

Ewa captured the lights inside the bustle wonderfully in this picture I think, there was an audible gasp as I pulled the tassel and showed off the gin! followed by requests for G and T's of course!

Monday, 5 September 2011

Front of gin gown

And closed

The bustle swag opened

Finished Gin bustle outfit

All done, and in time for Weekend at The Asylum in Lincoln. The key will be picked up there and I shall be wearing the ensemble at The Ball on Saturday Night.

If you are coming to Lincoln, do come over and say hello, I shall be in the main hall at The Lawns on Saturday and Sunday selling Steampunk Emporium and lots of pretty jewellery.

I shall do a proper set of photographs of me in the outfit when I get back, and hopefully there'll be plenty of pics taken at the weekend,

So what do you think? A success, any suggestions for additions/alterations?

Friday, 2 September 2011

The hat!

This is the fabulous Eliza Doolittle style hat to accompany the outfit, it is from one of Lynne Mc Masters historical hat patterns (the titanic oval crown) with a few tweaks of my own.

My assistant Lizzie made it up, didnt she do a great job?! It is asymetric with a much bigger brim on the right, that side is so huge it needs a weight on the other smaller side to keep it balanced, I'm going to create a couple of pockets with curtain weights in so it balances properly...

Its extra small in size cos I have a teeny head, it fits me perfectly but I forgot I might be wearing a wig... I foresee lots of hat pins

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Day four

Today has been a day of sleeves, I am so happy with these mad thierry Mugler inspired strap sleeves, they have a sci-fi/punk thing going on which makes the dress properly steampunk, rather than just a pretty Victorian replica gown.

I have also been attaching the quirky sleeves for a brown velvet frock coat for fuscia at pixiepunk too!

The key!

This is the lovely key Herr Doktor has made for the back of the bustle dress, the idea is as the key turns the swag of the bustle will raise like a theatre curtain, revealing the drinks cabinet!

Monday, 29 August 2011

Gin bustle day three!

Today I finished the fit for the bodice, had an annoying moment when, while trying it on over my wasp waisted absinthe corset, I discovered the waist of the bodice was too big and the bust now too small, but it was easily fixed.... It looks a bit odd without sleeves and no trims, but you can see it's fitting properly now...

The hat has all been cut out now, and best of all Herr Doktor sent me pictures of the gorgeous key he's made, which will turn and light up as the drinks cabinet is revealed!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Gin Bustle Day2

Ooh it's getting exciting! the bustle cage is nearly done, and we've had the first fitting of the jacket top, which needed a little taking in (always better than letting out!) Lizzie fitted it over my waistnip corset and bra, but it may also fit over the absinthe corset... we shall have to see, it's amazing how much difference having the right corresponding corset makes to the fit.

It was obvious even at this stage that it's going to need a stay tape to keep the back waist pulled snugly in, it's important the jacket goes in, before it comes out over the bustle, otherwise all that tight lacing is rather pointless!

A friend commented that the front looked almost Victorian Jungle Priestess like, so I am thinking this is possibly the costume "She" from H Rider Haggards novel wears if she ever came to Victorian London, in a Dracula kind of way...

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Gin bustle day one

This is just the rough fabric shapes pinned to the stand, getting an idea of shapes and colours, as it takes on the corset curves it'll get less arts and crafts tea gown like, but hopefully still maintain that noveau feel.

I'm loving the Edwardian style velvet underskirt Nicholette sewed up for me today especially, it really swings, though the velvet is a pig to sew, even with the walking foot....

Bustle cage continues on

Lizzie demonstrates the central floor section of the cabinet part of the bustle, the bone tapes have been inserted and a fabric "floor" and "ceiling" placed each side of the hollow for the structured cabinet.
The construction and shape is following a fairly traditional path otherwise...

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Gin bustle begins

So, I have a pile of gorgeous fabrics from my stash box (rarely do I ever buy fabric for myself, it's usually leftovers or donations...) and A PLAN.

Sort of. The plan is to get assistants Nicolette and Lizzie so excited they make it all for me. Hmmmm not sure that's going to happen, except for the excited bit....

So today I have cut out the bustle cage shape, it's changed a little in concept from the original drawing, but will be easier to wear and more fun to look at I think.

I've also cut out the main underskirt, found some smashing blue embroidered silk velvet I forgot I had, might be a bit warm for September but it will have to do!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

gin bustle inspiration

so, I'm going to do this frock properly and start with some inspiring pictures, instead of just pitching in like I did with the absinthe fairy. Ok I don't believe a word of that either, but here are some lovely pics of the era I'm aiming for anyway...

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The gin bustle gown designed...

So, yes it's that time of year once more when I start to consider my wardrobe for Britains biggest steampunk convivial in Lincoln "The Asylum".

After the excitement of the Absinthe fairy gown, I was wondering where to continue my over the top frock adventures... So I present my initial doodle of the clockwork ladies gin dispensing bustle. Yes, I may have been on the "Hendricks" when this one was thought up....

So if you enjoyed watching the fairy gown taking shape, I hope you will follow along on this project too!