Thursday, 29 December 2011

Opening of the Exhibition at Bradford industrial museum

Everything was finished and installed just in time for the opening! phew! There are some pictures from the opening on the exhibitions facebook page. If you get the chance do go and have a browse, it's a fascinating museum and the special steampunk display will be in place till May 2012.

You also get the chance to view a specially made 3D film using special steampunk style viewing goggles and starring Me!

Theres also some great pictures from the promo photoshoot here

Saturday, 3 December 2011

The back of the outfit for Bradford so far...

This shows the length of the skirt at the back over the cage. The mini cage is 6 sprung steel lengths, individually sprayed gold with car lacquer, taped together into hoops and suspended from two layers of brown petersham ribbon, sewn together to make holes for the hoops to slide through (they slide through before taping..)

The top hoop does not complete a full circle and it's ends are held by the two front tapes. This is so you can get in and out easily, the top hoop is quite small!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Bradford costume-the jacket

The wool is such a lovely firm fabric it made these puff sleeves a dream to create, they are made with 3 big pleats top and bottom, with the top center pleat being an inverted box pleat, and placed on a smaller straight sleeve stay to hold the shape.

Cute blouse for the exhibition!

This is the beginning of the little blouse for the exhibition costume. As it is going to be a permanent piece I shall sew it into place on the stand to give it a perfect fit, the skirt and jacket will be free to be removed...