Thursday, 29 August 2013

Latex and lace

I started with the corset/belt as there was some scrumptious Eau de Nil and gold striped taffeta hanging about the studio. I also wanted to show my placement student Laura, how adaptable the hip bucket corset pattern is.... 

So we just cut the pattern down from underbust to belt shape and sped onwards! 

This corset pattern is the Charles Bayer corset from my article for foundations revealed online magazine 

Afternoon tea on the moon

The annual dressmaking frenzy for "weekend at the asylum" has begun! As usual, my first attempt at a sketch, on the back of an envelope, is what will form the general shape of this outfit!

I'm aiming for slightly Edwardian, asymmetric, unusual juxtapositions and layers of fabrics, using scraps and off cuts to recycle and reform ordinary cotton calico into something amazing!

Do follow along as I post each new stage! You can also join me on Facebook at "Emilly ladybird" for more costume and Steampunk fun!