Monday, 10 September 2007

Embroiderers Guild bag Lecture and Workshop

This weekend I had another lovely time up in Durham with the Embroiderers Guild.

The subject of my lecture this time was "The History of Handbags and the Rise of the Frivolous Flapper!". Much laughter ensued when I directed the willing model of my pocket hoops to reach inside and display what she found there.... several stuffed toys and bottles of wine appeared as well as a large box of chocolates, the perfect way of proving 'the usefulness' of these super articles of clothing :)

The workshop next day was "Frilled Rose Bags" and the group sewed for all they were worth, combining colors and textures, frilling and gathering like women possessed.

Friday, 8 June 2007

Tiara Making disk

Hurah! at last the tiara disk is available... It seems ages since I first started work on this, but the finished product has made the wait worthwhile. I'm so pleased with the clarity of the instructions and easy to read page design, clear and simple.

It's available from rainbowdisks and has loads of gorgeous things on it, both tiaras and jewellery. I've tried to design something for everyone and the finished pieces are now available to buy on my website for those who don't fancy having a go at making them.

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Lecture at N/E region day

It was a great honor to be asked to give a lecture for the North East Regional Day of the Embroiderers Guild.
I was very nervous, looking out at the sea of faces in the lecture hall, but the audience soon put me at ease as I talked them through "The History of Dress and Undress" with accompanying slides, some of which were rather saucy!

I had some examples of outfits on stands, which I unveiled in turn and undressed layer by layer. I took a sack back wide panniered gown and a Victorian bustle ensemble and Lyssa was most kind in lending me her gorgeous regency gown with painstaking embroidery all over the train.

Overall it went down very well, and everyone laughed at my jokes which is always good, considering how bad they are ;)