Saturday, 25 April 2009

Gorgeous tulips

It's that happy time of year when my garden looks like a gorgeous sweet shop. Yes, it's true, I am somewhat obsessed with tulips.

My lovely husband brought me some fabulous ones back from Amsterdam a few years ago, and I diligently dig them up every year for the summer and replant in November... If I see a variety I haven't got while browsing a garden center or seed catalogue I just have to buy a few - it's a compulsion...

I have hundreds of every shape, shade and type.
And yes, I will be buying more and more.

Their colours inspire me and therefore they are important for my work (honest).

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Steampunk Article in Making Jewellery

Hurah! It's out at last, the lovely 2nd issue of Making Jewellery - featuring a project, by me, of a steampunk watch and also a mini article (also by me, suprise suprise) on the rise of steampunk...

The articles came out really well, and the magazine is really modern and exciting - lots of good articles and hopefully lots more to come!