Sunday, 5 July 2009

Mini Top Hats

These mini top hats are just so gorgeous! I was asked to make a few of my extra special hats for a local "alternative" shopping gallery and this is the result.

All beautifully made, with buckram and handstitching of course.

I make 3 different sizes. Dolly (the smallest), Teeny, and Mini (the largest). I also do three different crown shapes. A mad hatter style, a straight sided classic and a crown that starts straight then flares out, just like the one Satine wears in Moulin Rouge.

I just love making hats and these look so cute, I wish I could wear one all the time!

They do need big hair in an updo to look really good though.
They work okay with short hair so long as it's fairly full, but long straight hair just worn loose just doesn't seem to look quite right.

The Dolly size looks awesome with a bob...