Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Regency Ball

We had an absolutely glorious time at the Regency ball in Bath.

It was held for the first time at the assembly rooms , Imust admit the sight of 100+ couples dancing away in fabulous costumes was truly magnificent.

We all attended the dancing lesson and cream tea in the afternoon which was great fun and gave us a head start on the dances of the evening!

I went down with "the ladies", looking ever so haughty here and dashing Captain Adam. It was lovely to see some familiar faces and we made some fabulous new friends who had an equal capacity for tea and cake!

Everyone made their own gowns with just a little pattern cutting assistance from yours truly, and Lesleys gloves, all her own work, were truly spectacular!

We stayed at Bath youth hostel which is a lovely regency townhouse, although looking a little shabbier than we remembered. and also visited the fabulous thermae spa for a twighlight relaxation and gossip session. All in all a delightful long weekend!