Saturday, 25 April 2009

Gorgeous tulips

It's that happy time of year when my garden looks like a gorgeous sweet shop. Yes, it's true, I am somewhat obsessed with tulips.

My lovely husband brought me some fabulous ones back from Amsterdam a few years ago, and I diligently dig them up every year for the summer and replant in November... If I see a variety I haven't got while browsing a garden center or seed catalogue I just have to buy a few - it's a compulsion...

I have hundreds of every shape, shade and type.
And yes, I will be buying more and more.

Their colours inspire me and therefore they are important for my work (honest).


magicperkin said...

You take after your ma, then, as I love tulips, though i think a hundred + is rather a lot to dig up every year! I only have a couple of dozen. I recommend "Angelique" if you like pink. Ma xx

Pia K said...

I love tulips too, they come in so many gorgeous and colourful shapes!