Saturday, 20 August 2011

Gin Bustle Day2

Ooh it's getting exciting! the bustle cage is nearly done, and we've had the first fitting of the jacket top, which needed a little taking in (always better than letting out!) Lizzie fitted it over my waistnip corset and bra, but it may also fit over the absinthe corset... we shall have to see, it's amazing how much difference having the right corresponding corset makes to the fit.

It was obvious even at this stage that it's going to need a stay tape to keep the back waist pulled snugly in, it's important the jacket goes in, before it comes out over the bustle, otherwise all that tight lacing is rather pointless!

A friend commented that the front looked almost Victorian Jungle Priestess like, so I am thinking this is possibly the costume "She" from H Rider Haggards novel wears if she ever came to Victorian London, in a Dracula kind of way...

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Neb said...

This is epic.