Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Starting on the absinthe skirt...

Well, I know it looks a bit of a dogs dinner at the moment, but I'm just draping the fabrics around at the moment to see what should go where,

I've made a basque section from the bottom of the corset pattern and am pinning the upper swag ideas to it, just to get an overall effect...

I also made a lace underskirt base, it's not very nice lace, some cheap stuff I had kicking about the studio, however not much of it will show... I want to show saucy glimpses of the crinoline frame through the lace.

I'm also going to add net pieces under the swags, both to give the skirt a better fairytale shape and to give a shimmering fairy leaf type feel. Lyssa suggested making the bodice and skirt completely separate so I can make a swag and saucy short bustle skirt in the future for less formal occasions... Seeing how huge this crinoline is getting I think that's a very good idea!

It's getting there isn't it?

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Katt Gubb said...

It doesn't look a dogs dinner at all! I love the neckline! and the off the shoulder sleeves :D

Katt x