Monday, 19 July 2010

Absinthe faerie costume Day 1

For the big UK steampunk convention, weekend at the asylum I'm going to make a proper fantasy steampunk outfit....

I'm taking the absinthe green fairy as my inspiration and thought you might like to follow it's progress!

The corset is the first part of the outfit, on which everything else will depend.

I'm using a pattern from a vintage corset altered to fit my shape and measurements. It's a Charles Bayer corset from around 1897/98 and I wrote a detailed how to tutorial on it's construction for Your Wardrobe Unlocked earlier this year.

I've already created a couple of corsets from this pattern so I felt happy with the fit and cut it out without creating a toile.

You can see how curvy it is already, shown on the wrong sized stand and without any boning! It's just a single layer of fabric, I've used corset weight black satin and a lovely vintage striped black and green silk that's very tightly woven.

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