Thursday, 29 October 2009

MCM london Expo

Another mad and fun weekend steampunking, this time at the manga comic and movie Expo in london.

The Victorian Steampunk Society were invited to exhibit and lecture, so a small band turned out in full gorgeousness to talk about tea and tiffin (and spaceships and rayguns...)

Herr Doktor brought some of his marvelous rayguns, Kit Cox drew portraits and exhibited art. Lady elsie and Major tinker had some great costumes, while Peter Harrow set up his portable gentlemans study. I brought my steampunk jewellery bling and assorted flyers. We even kidnapped graphic novel legend Brian Talbot and forced him to sign his new steampunk book " Grandville" for us...

A very good time was had by all and we managed to entertain and inform the masses about the wonders of steam!

I narrowly escaped from Zombie Disney Princesses and hugged a Dalek (much to my husbands horror), and I even sold some steampunk jewelry to charming Warehouse 13 star Allison Scagliotti

Lady Elsie and I did a double act on steampunk costume in the little theatre too - which was great fun.

There were some awesome costumes, from pretty gothic lollitas to giant furries, lots of aliens, predators and stormtroopers too. Oh and a Doctor Who!

In fact I think there were more people dressed up than not at the Expo. It had a big manga following which was nice, lots of cosplay folk who really really loved the dressing up angle on steampunk!

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