Thursday, 25 June 2009

A Dragon A Dragon!

I often freelance at Promotional Props and Costumes, making what might be seen as fairly ridiculous large character costumes for company mascots, use in TV commercials and on stage beasties....

This is one of the more sensible outfits, yes really. A Darling Welsh Dragon to terrorise the schoolchildren of Gwent with.

Here he is seen practising a suitably fear filling pose on the boss Liz.
The costumes are flat pattern cut from lightweightfoam, sometimes sculpted using heat then latex coated and painted. Sometimes fun fur is involved...

In the workshops its often a lot like bluepeter for grown ups and we use an aweful lot of glue...all with apropriate respirators and extraction obviously. Secretly we all long to work on sesame street.

Every costume is made individually to the clients designs and we have made some really really odd things... toilet rolls (for andrex), a goriila (for cadburys) cigarretes (for nicarette) assorted pieces of litter, a skelleton for Mika, innocent smoothie cartons and a giant kitkat (which made us all hungry..) to name but a few.


Marie S said...

He is a darling Dragon!!

Nik Hewitt said...

Oh, he is SO cute!

We should have borrowed him to go to Wales with us :-)