Friday, 13 June 2008

Ladies Afternoon tea

In the spirit of life as art, My birthday party this year was a delightful tea party in the garden with ten lovely ladies. Poor Hubby was banished for the weekend but i did save him some cheese scones...

I baked many cakes and biscuits and got a bit carried away with the icing! These sweet Bollywood flower biscuits were inspired by Peggy Porschens fabulous book on cake decorating and the main cake was created to reflect the dining room curtains! Which are gorgeous gorgeous fabric from Hyena...

Altogether it was just too beautiful to eat, especially when presented on my grandmothers tea set, but we did anyway. Cheryl gave us taster reflexology massage which was absolutely wonderful, then of course it was cocktail time and we chatted over mai tais and white russians till the early hours!

What an elegant and refined Party!

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